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Catholic Charities Child & Family Services

Milieu and Building Supervisors Serve Dinner at My Sister's Place

Another successful meal was served recently at My Sister’s Place.   The milieu supervisors and building supervisors of St. Vincent’s Villa were the volunteers.   The women enjoyed a wonderful meal of pasta, meatballs, salad, bread and pudding.  They commented on the ranch dressing and the sweet pudding.  Thanks to Maggy and Tonei for cooking the pasta for us.
The evening was full of spirit as evidenced by the broad smiles in the picture of our staff.   Music was played and several of the women danced to the tunes.   They had expressed to us their gratitude about the excellent meal and large portions they were given.  It was uplifting to see the joy in their faces as so often they struggle with life.  
Our next event is scheduled for Thursday, September 18th and the Utilization Review /Risk Management group will be the host of the event.   If your group is interested in experiencing this moving event, please contact Andrea Commarata at 1432.
The Mission Integration Committee- Andrea, Denise and Kim.

Media Reminder

It is the policy of Catholic Charities that all media relations are handled through the Catholic Charities Communications Department. This includes activities such as inquiries from media personnel or proactively placing stories. All staff members are expected to refer such inquiries or activities to their Director or Administrator.

Ernst and Young Interns Summer 2014

The summer season has arrived at St. Vincent’s Villa with a wonderful series of events and activities. Another successful beginning of St. Vincent’s Villa’s summer camp started with our annual visit from the Ernst and Young college intern’s mini-field day.  The day’s events ranged from javelin throwing (with pool noodles) to a mini softball game to relay races to the ever popular water balloon races.  Afterwards the treats were ice pops which were enjoyed by the children, interns and staff!  The remainder of the week saw the arts and crafts project of patriotic flags and decorations which were building blocks for the dining room decorations in anticipation of Fourth of July and our Star Spangled Villa Fair on July 19th.  The camp ended with the children tie dying tee shirts for the summer.  On Tuesday night of camp week, the children were also treated to a delicious cookout compliments of the National Association of Catering Executives.  There were photo booths, face painting, arts and crafts projects, games,  two moon bounces, a visit from the sno cone truck, cotton candy, popcorn, and dancing to a dj, everyone (both staff and children alike) had a wonderful time. 


Diversity Holidays and Cultural Observances July, 2014

*This calendar is meant to include a diverse sampling of holidays and cultural observances but is not intended to be a comprehensive list of every holiday.

The United States is rich with diversity, which is reflected in the observances celebrated by its various cultures and populations. Knowledge of the following diversity holidays and celebrations may enhance our workplace diversity and our dedicated efforts of inclusion.

July 11 is World Population Day, The annual event is designed to raise awareness of global population issues and was established in 1989 by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program.

July 13 is Asala–Dharma Day, which celebrates the anniversary of the start of the Buddha’s teachings.

July 26 is Disability Independence Day, which marks the anniversary of the 1990 signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

July 29 is Eid al Fitr, the Muslim celebration which commemorates the ending of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is a festival of thanksgiving to Allah, and is celebrated by wearing one's finest clothing, saying prayers, and nurturing understanding of other religions.

Quote of the Month, from Thomas Berry: 
“Diversity is the magic…The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection.”


LEAD Academy Class of 2015 Announcement

 On behalf of the LEAD Academy Advisory Board, I am pleased to announce that the following staff members have been chosen as Fellows in the LEAD Academy’s Class of 2015. Applications were open to employees across the agency and Fellows were chosen from a highly qualified pool of applicants seeking to explore and develop leadership skills.  We received a record number of applications this year.
The Fellows will begin their leadership “journey” in August.   Please join me in congratulating our colleagues on their selection.  Please also assist me in sharing this great news by forwarding this email to others.

 Saving Lives with Your Blood!

The need for blood is constant and our contributions are important to sustain a healthy and reliable blood supply.  A heartfelt thank you to the following individuals who donated during the recent blood drive at St. Vincent’s Villa – Pot Spring!   
Erika Abrams, Rhea Butler, Jan Carson, Yoland Clarke, Maria Folsom-Kovarik, Carl Fornoff, Lisa Giacobbe, Nicole Gorski, Mark Greenberg, Jon Hackbarth, Joyce Helfrich, Celena Hoey, Lauren Kerins, Shelley Manner, Gregory Matthews, Robin Metcalf, Joseph Mills, Joe O’Leary, Trisha Orndorff, James Pinto, Jack Pumphrey, Keynica Robinson, Gina Ruppert, Debra Sorrells, Alicia Stanley, Rebecca Stein, Suzanne Templeton, Letisha Tyrell
Let’s try for twice as many donors next time!

Trauma-Focused CBT Certification Attained by Fallstaff Therapist

Congratulations to Sherry Sullivan, a therapist at our Fallstaff clinic in Baltimore, for becoming the first staff member within Child and Family Services to obtain certification in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)!
TF-CBT is an evidence-based practice that incorporates trauma-sensitive interventions with cognitive behavioral techniques.  Multiple clinical research studies consistently have found it to help children with trauma-related problems.  TF-CBT has proven to be effective in addressing posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, sexualized behaviors, feelings of shame, and mistrust.
Gaining certification indicates the successful completion of a nearly year-long training program involving face-to-face training, consultation calls, and the completion of a full course of TF-CBT for at least three clients.  Child and Family Services has supported staff going through the training and we hope to see more clinicians become certified. 
Sherry will forever hold the distinction of becoming the first clinician within our organization to gain certification in this highly acclaimed treatment model.  Congratulations!

School Consultation Program News

As many of you know, our School Consultation Program which serves select parochial schools within the Archdiocese has moved, administratively, from VM Community Resources to VM Schools.   Per that transition, Mari Pat McGuire, VMS Clinical Manager, will assume administrative responsibility for the program.
On behalf of Mari Pat, it is with great pleasure that I announce the promotion of Christina Calland, LCSW-C, to the position of School Consultation Coordinator. Christine, who currently works as a school consultant for St. Joseph in Cockeysville and St. Francis of Assisi will be continuing in that role part-time while expanding her hours to include guidance, support, and supervision for the other school consultants and for our numerous school partnerships.  We look forward to working with Christine to continue the quality services we provide in the parochial school system. Please join me in congratulating Christine and wishing her well in her new position.
Also, please join me in thanking Robert Canosa and Carl Fornoff for their long service to the School Consultation program.   A special acknowledgement is due to Jennifer Lochte, who also serves as the Program Supervisor for VMCR’s OMHC in Timonium.   Jen has served as supervisor to the School Consultation program and has given wonderful support to our consultant staff and to the schools that we have served.   Jen, Carl and Rob have bequeathed a wonderful program to Villa Maria Schools.
Jen will continue to provide counsel and support to Mari Pat and Christina as they assume their new responsibilities.   Jen has also graciously agreed to assist us in what have been wonderful conversations with the Archdiocese about the possible expansion of our serves to other schools.
Thank you. 
Jack Pumphrey

Dr. Maya Angelou

As many of you have learned, last weekend on May 28, Dr. Maya Angelou passed away.  She was a Grammy Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated author and poet and her words were an inspiration to many. As a celebrated artist, playwright, historian, teacher, and social activist, among other achievements, Dr. Angelou was a remarkable presence and social conscience.  Please take a moment to reflect on all the incredible work that is being brought to bear by so many in our behavioral health profession for the sake of diversity and inclusion in the community, in the workplace and beyond.   Be reminded of the very simple but profound words of Dr. Angelou: “In diversity, there is beauty and there is strength.”

Saying Farewell 

It is with no small degree of sadness that we are writing to announce that after over 31 years of dedicated service, Dr. Mahmood Jahromi has decided to retire.  His last day with the organization will be August 15, 2014. 
Dr. Jahromi has touched and shaped virtually every program within Child and Family Services, both present and past.  He has typically been the first to volunteer to help when a program has needed him, despite geographic or other considerations.  Dr. Jahromi has touched countless lives during his time with us – clients, families, and staff.  His caring leadership and expert clinical care have made him a highly respected member of our team for over three decades.
We will miss him greatly and extend our gratitude and our best wishes for a happy retirement.  Please be on the lookout for more information regarding a farewell celebration.
Joe O’Leary
Medical Director
Sue Franklin
Manager of Psychiatry Services

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma is a near universal experience of individuals with behavioral health problems. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health, 55% – 99% of women in substance use treatment and 85% – 95% of women in the public mental health system report a history of trauma, with the abuse most commonly having occurred in childhood. The Adverse Childhood Experiences study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kaiser Permanente, is one of the largest investigations ever conducted to assess associations between childhood maltreatment and later-life health and wellbeing. Almost two-thirds of the study participants reported at least one adverse childhood experience of physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or family dysfunction, and more than one of five reported three or more such experiences.

An individual’s experience of trauma impacts every area of human functioning — physical, mental, behavioral, social, spiritual. The ACE Study revealed that the economic costs of untreated trauma-related alcohol and drug abuse alone were estimated at $161 billion in 2000. The human costs are incalculable.

Trauma is shrouded in secrecy and denial and is often ignored. But when we don’t ask about trauma in behavioral healthcare, harm is done or abuse is unintentionally recreated by the use of forced medication, seclusion, or restraints.

The good news is that trauma is treatable — there are many evidence-based models and promising practices designed for specific populations, types of trauma, and behavioral health manifestations.

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New Staff, Volunteers and Interns

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Recently Posted Positions

Front Desk Supervisor, Full time, Timonium
Various Head Start positions in Baltimore City

For a complete list of position open within Catholic Charities, please visit the website at

Refer a candidate and receive a referral bonus after their start date.

Contact Kathy Iversen, Employment Coordinator for details.


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Child & Family Services

Our Vision:
Catholic Charities Child and Family Services will be a National model of a fully-integrated system of innovative, effective, state-of-the-art programs that assists children, adults and families to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission:
Catholic Charities Child and Family Services provides an integrated, state-of-the-art, comprehensive system of care that includes: child welfare; delinquency diversion; behavioral health; special education; and early-childhood and family-development services that assist children, adults and families to achieve their full potential.

Our Values:
Respect Partnership Knowledge Excellence Diversity Data-driven
Cherishing the Divine Within